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Innovate, Design, Deliver

Rowe Hankins specialise in innovative trainborne and trackside products and systems for the worlds railways

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Our range of products includes: Speed Sensors, Non-intrusive Current Monitoring devices, Intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrication systems, Circuit Breakers, Tachometers and AC / DC Earth Leakage Detection Units.


AC / DC Earth Leakage

An earth leakage unit detects current imbalance in trainborne and wayside cabling. Early detection of cable degradation can prevent further cable damage and the potential hazards associated with this type of fault.

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To assist wayside applications of Network Rail's preventative maintenance program, by monitoring currents in rail signalling problems.


Circuit Breakers

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers offer precise, specification assured, nuisance free circuit protection.



Designed for harsh environments - industrial and traction - the Rowe Hankins Ltd. RCBO uses industry proven Sensata circuit breakers with an integrated current sensor.

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Our Intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrication (iWFL) system, is a trainborne intelligent dispensing system, designed to improve rail safety whilst reducing wheel wear - saving time, money and lives.

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Speed Sensors & Tachometer Systems

Multi channel speed and direction sensors for safety critical systems, designed to operate in harsh environments.


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Engineering & Consultancy

The Rowe Hankins engineering department has a team of professional engineers with electrical, electronic & mechanical principles who deliver all stages from conceptual design, product & system development to final build, test & commissioning.

Industry recognised project management and governance is observed with key milestones and deliverables reported to our customers throughout each stage of the project.

High Current DC Testing

Due to our experience working in the DC Traction Sector, Rowe Hankins have the facilities and are capable of carrying out a detailed high current testing. 

​Given the parameters required, Rowe Hankins can design a comprehensive testing procedure to meet our clients needs. Such as Contactors, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Bonds and Traction Current Carrying Conductors.

Workshop & Overhaul

The Rowe Hankins electronic service department, services in-service, repair and maintenance of various traction systems. Including train data recorders. We have the capability to test / repair many other train-borne systems and components such as optical pulse generators used for train speed measurements.


Innovate Design Deliver

Working with rolling stock manufacturers, train operating companies, track owners and infrastructure contractors. Rowe Hankins provides innovative trainborne and wayside electro-mechanical equipment for safer and more efficient operations.

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