Rowe Hankins Ltd. Environmental Policy

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Rowe Hankins Ltd. provides engineering solutions to the Railways industry as well as the supply of electrical products.

Rowe Hankins Ltd. is committed to minimising the environmental impacts of its business activities and to promote environmental awareness and best practice amongst its employees and suppliers.

Environmental aspects and impacts generated as a result of our business activities are managed and controlled through application of our environmental management system.

Rowe Hankins Ltd. is fully committed to the following;

  • Continual improvement of quantified environmental performance.
  • The prevention of pollution in all its direct and indirect business activities.
  • Committed to legislative compliance and other requirements to which Rowe Hankins Ltd. subscribes.
  • Sets measurable environmental objectives at management reviews or intervening management meetings and supporting programmes of work aimed at achieving environmental objectives.

Rowe Hankins are a fully certified ISO 9001 and 14001 – 2015 accredited company covering the design, assembly and servicing of electrical, electro-mechanical and electric components and equipment, as well as the stocking of electrical distribution systems.

Environmental Policy – Updated December 2020 by: Rowe Hankins Ltd. Registered in England Number: 2021691 Registered office address: Power House, Parker Street, Bury, Lancashire BL9 0RJ, UK.