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Intelligent and Sensory Wheel Flange Lubrication
Top of the Rail Friction Modifier System


Our Intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrication (iWFL) system, is a trainborne intelligent dispensing system, designed to help improve rail safety whilst reducing wheel wear – saving time, money and service affecting failures.


Functional Benefits

System Types

Stick Lubrication


Frequency of refilling per year

25 to 30

6 to 9



Life x2

Life x2 plus




Intelligent conditional dispensing

What is iWFL & ToRFM?

Rowe Hankins Ltd. has supplied a UK Government-backed rail project with an award-winning intelligent modular system that enables asset managers to extend the lifecycle of wheel wear & rail infrastructure that makes passenger journeys greener and screech-free.

iWFL is a trainborne dispensing system, which applies precise amounts of biodegradable lubricant. Engineered for both national rail networks and urban tram services, the iWFL improves safety by greatly reducing noise, wheel and track wear.

Over the years there have been a significant number of train and tram derailments caused by heavily worn track. Evidence shows that lubrication of the interface between the rail’s gauge corner and the wheel’s flange root reduces the wear and rolling contact fatigue on the wheel and rail. It’s our belief that an intelligent use of lubrication can increase safety and reduce the chances of further fatalities.

In order to extend rail and wheel life, it uses geographical location-based dispensing of flange lubrication. Its intelligent design senses the location and intensity of track curves using a combination of GPS signals, speed and inertial sensors. The unit processes the data and applies lubricant precisely at the location required.

The combination of iWFL and our Top of Rail Friction Modifier (ToRFM) improves fuel economy by 10 – 15%. Additionally, noise is suppressed, track forces are reduced, and braking is not compromised.

Top of Rail Friction Modifier is engineered to reduce curve squeal noise and short pitch corrugation by the application of a Friction Modification grease to the top of the rail track. This reduction in friction reduces wheel and the track wear and noise. The application of Friction Modifier (RHC-TG1) is achieved by a bespoke compressed air system which transfers the Friction Modifier to the top of rail. The Friction Modifier is also subsequently picked up by other passing wheels.

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