The All New 4 Channel Speed Sensor

Available from late 2020, the 4 Channel Speed Sensor is the latest product development in a series of new product ranges.

Through inventive thinking, the engineering team at Rowe Hankins have developed the sensor. In short, the new product provides you with truly high-quality reliable signals to various on-train systems.

4 Channel Speed Sensor

The 4 Channel Speed Sensor has two independent dual-channel Sensors in one Sensor housing. Encapsulated in a robust stainless-steel shell, which allows for prolonged use in harsh traction environments. Owing to similar physical footprint, this Speed Sensor can be a direct replacement for Speed Sensors.

As a result, the time necessary to install and replace the Sensors reduces, and downtime lessens. There is also an environmental saving due to fewer materials needed to manufacture. Moreover, fewer Speed Sensors are necessary for operation, which in turn reduces the weight of the train.

The innovation includes four sensor outputs in isolation from each other. Because of the isolation from each other, failure of any Sensor won’t affect the functionality of any remaining channels. This provides backup and additional redundancy protection.

In dual-channel Sensors, the failure of any channel will result in direction detection not occurring. Therefore, you have the cues to know that the Sensor will need replacing.

4 Channel Speed Sensor

In addition, the engineering of this Speed Sensor means instead of losing an entire Sensor, you only lose one channel. This vastly improves the performance and safety on the train. Not only can the train continue to operate but the signals monitored to various on-train systems are more dependable.

Tariq Latif, Engineering Manager says:

“The 4 Channel Speed Sensor will provide the rail traction industry with a multi-interface solution for systems requiring a high reliability and robust product.”

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