Modern Railway's Award for Safety & Engineering 2015

On the 26th June Rowe Hankins traveled down to London to attend the innovative awards ceremony and guess what? We Won!

We won the National Modern Railway Innovation Award for Engineering and Safety.For quite some time our team has been developing iWFL (Intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrication). iWFL, for us is an innovative product that is making vast improvements to the rail industry. 

The iWFL FALCON unit controls wheel flange lubrication and application equipment on rail vehicles. The present alternative methods of application do not promote effective use of lube exactly when and where it is required most or not at all. Thus, the benefits are restricted and the cost over-stated.

iWFL has been designed to apply lube exactly when and where it is required and in the right amounts, enabling it to be technically effective and economic. In order to extend rail and wheel life by geographical location based dispensing of flange lubricants and top of rail friction modifiers with IWFL. IWFL is an on-board system dispensing system.

Therefore, not only making safety cheaper but making it more efficient and attainable; enhancing productivity but also costs and maintenance. It works with previous infrastructure of products in order to cut waste and reduce Carbon emissions by maintaining the application of lubrication - compared to previous technologies. Thus, the benefits of iWFL are high, having been designed to apply lubrication exactly when and where it is required and in the right amounts, meaning it is technically effective and financially efficient.

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