Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder!


Last weekend on the 14th of May, Mike Hankins (MD), Jason Hallam (UK Technical Specification Manager) and Jemmah Balabanian (Sales Manager) took on Tough Mudder.

Rowe Hankins teamed up together with CPN-Cudis to take part in the Half Tough Mudder, pushing you physically and mentally to your limit. With the prospect of further larger events for charity, this was their test. They faced the high obstacles and mile long runs to complete the first tough Mudder by Rowe Hankins and Cudis.

“Whilst the course was great fun, it was also extremely challenging” stated Mike, adding; “the course itself pushed you to your absolute maximum, the best part was knowing you had your team beside to keep you going, I could not have done it without them”!

The course centered around it being a team effort in order to finish, it was this that Jemmah found most rewarding, saying; “completing Tough Mudder was very gratifying and a great sense of achievement. It stands up to its name though, as it was so muddy many people lost their shoes along the way, but that was all part of the fun”.


Tough Mudder

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