Non-Intrusive Current Transducers for
Industrial and Rail applications

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To assist wayside applications of Network Rail’s preventative maintenance program, by monitoring currents in rail signalling problems equipment.



How does it work?

The NIC (Non-Intrusive Current Monitor) is used as part of the preventative maintenance systems on wayside applications.

The DIN rail mounted NIC units are designed to measure AC/DC currents up to +/-600mA when the primary cable is passed through the hole on the side of the unit.

The NIC provides a scaled 4-20mA current output to the end users’ equipment. This may take the form of a data logger which stores the raw data that can then be remotely downloaded for analysis.

Data analysis allows for trends to be visualised for equipment that might show degradation , i.e. current variations outside normal limit, thus allowing targeted maintenance to be carried out before actual failure.