Rail Specialist for Circuit Protection

Features & Benefits

  • Uniform tripping characteristics -40°C - 85°C.

  • Tripping point remains constant across full range.

  • No re-rating factor.

  • Breakers and cabling.

  • Protects both cables and equipment.

  • Shock and vibration resistant - avoids nuisance tripping.

  • Hot-pluggable version - no shut down needed.

  • No extra space needed for auxiliary / alarm contact switch or additional voltage coil.

  • No over-sizing required - reduces cost.

  • RoHS compliance.

  • Expert designers, in-house automation, rapid prototyping and advance test labs.

  • Proven track record supporting high volume manufacturing.

  • 24/7 engineering and support teams, located where your customers build products.

MIOS Elettronica srl

Train Communication and Data Event Recording

Features & Benefits

  • Train to ground communication.

  • Train automation and diagnostics.

  • TCN Gateway acts as a redundant TCN Node. Traffic data, redundancies and all other features are programmable.

  • Protocol Converter is an on-board railway device that implements the gateway function between the Network and MVB Bus. Additional interfaces are available.

  • Network enabled Crash Protected Memory - black box technology accessible through your Network.

  • Network enabled onboard event recorder accessible through your Network.

  • Vehicle Control Unit equipped with MVB and Ethernet interfaces fully designed for railway systems applications.


Current Transducers

Features & Benefits

  • LEM is known within the industry for its innovative application know-how.

  • Reliability: All products come with a 5 year warranty, in order to deliver quality and on our commitment to provide innovative solutions.

  • Responsiveness: Deal with specific needs, expectations and prioritise with innovative solutions.


Intelligent Fingerprinting

Rapid, Non-Invasive Drug Screening

Features & Benefits

  • Non-invasive and Dignified - The intelligent Drug Screening System analyses fingerprint sweat so is totally non-invasive and dignified.

  • Portable - The reader and cartridges are compact and portable for convenient drug screening wherever it’s needed.

  • Rapid - Sample collection takes 5 seconds and the system screens multiple drug groups within 10 minutes.

  • Hygienic and Easy to Use - Specialist collection or Handling Services are not required, unlike conventional screening methods.

  • Cost-effective - screening is easy to administer and a single test detects multiple drug groups.

  • Reliable - It is almost impossible to cheat the drug test and the accuracy levels are consistent with conventional drug screening methods.

  • Versatile - Samples can analysed immediately or retained in the tamper-proof collection cartridges for later screening and drug detection cut-off levels can be calibrated to customer requirements.


Premium S.A.

AC/DC and DC/DC Power Converters

Premium S.A. design and manufacture custom power conversion systems to specific customer requirements and to many different stringent specifications.

The main advantages are low NRE (non recurring engineering) costs and the short-term delivery of prototypes. Prices are very competitive, especially for low volume production requirements.


P D Devices

Surge Protection Devices

PD Devices are leaders in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products and custom-designed solutions to protect against damage from lightning and transient over-voltages.

With over 50 years of experience as a UK manufacturer of surge arrester elements, their product range has continuously expanded to include Surge Protection Components, Arresters and Modules.