Rail Specialist for Circuit Protection

Features & Benefits

  • Uniform tripping characteristics -40°C - 85°C.
  • Tripping point remains constant across full range.
  • No re-rating factor.
  • Breakers and cabling.
  • Protects both cables and equipment.
  • Shock and vibration resistant - avoids nuisance tripping.
  • Hot-pluggable version - no shut down needed.
  • No extra space needed for auxiliary / alarm contact switch or additional voltage coil.
  • No over-sizing required - reduces cost.
  • RoHS compliance.
  • Expert designers, in-house automation, rapid prototyping and advance test labs.
  • Proven track record supporting high volume manufacturing.
  • 24/7 engineering and support teams, located where your customers build products.


MIOS Elettronica srl

Train Communication and Data Event Recording

Features & Benefits

  • Train to ground communication.
  • Train automation and diagnostics.
  • TCN Gateway acts as a redundant TCN Node. Traffic data, redundancies and all other features are programmable.
  • Protocol Converter is an on-board railway device that implements the gateway function between the Network and MVB Bus. Additional interfaces are available.
  • Network enabled Crash Protected Memory - black box technology accessible through your Network. 
  • Network enabled onboard event recorder accessible through your Network. 
  • Vehicle Control Unit equipped with MVB and Ethernet interfaces fully designed for railway systems applications.



    Current Transducers

    Features & Benefits

    • LEM is known within the industry for its innovative application know-how.
    • Reliability: All products come with a 5 year warranty, in order to deliver quality and on our commitment to provide innovative solutions.
    • Responsiveness: Deal with specific needs, expectations and prioritise with innovative solutions.