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Speed Sensors &

Tachometer Systems



Rowe Hankins Ltd. designs & manufactures high integrity speed sensors & tachometer systems to operate in harsh environments; such as rail, power generation & maritime applications.


What are speed sensors?

For most applications, speed sensors are set up to work against a ferromagnetic steel target wheel by using Hall Effect technology.

You can also design speed sensors for magnetic target wheels with alternating North and South poles. The operating air gap can be up to 4mm, but we determine this by type of sensor and target wheel profile. For example, with ferromagnetic targets, such designs are typically a spur gear profile.

Speed Sensors can have single, dual or multiple output channels. In turn, we can isolate a specific channel or channels to receive power from a different power supply.

Our new innovative 4 Channel Speed Sensor can be used to replace existing single and dual channel Speed Sensors as the physical footprint is of the same form of sensors used in typical applications. Pushing the rail industry forward with the use of less Speed Sensors per train, having a novel design that improves the EMC immunity and improving product life expectancy and reliability.

This provides a backup and additional redundancy protection should the trainborne sensor detection system fail.

Moreover, we select screened cable and connectors to meet your requirements, as well as relevant fire and smoke certification.

Output channel drive circuits are available as open collector, supply tracking, push-pull or 2-wire current output.

We design and manufacture them as bespoke products to meet the customer varied requirements.

The end installation for Speed Sensors is normally onto train/tram axle box housing and so Rowe Hankins also manufacture a complete Tacho Unit which comprises of: Hall Effect Speed Sensor/Axle end housing and a modular Gear or Target Wheel. The benefit of the Rowe Hankins supplying a Tacho Unit is that it is designed and tested as a sub system ready to install onto the vehicle.

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