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Circuit Breakers

Nuisance free circuit protection


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Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers offer precise, specification assured, nuisance free circuit protection.


What do hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers do?

Tolerant of the shock and vibration that’s so common on rolling stock, they are unaffected by high inrush currents and will only trip at their rated capacity. They can be specified with differing time delay curves to compensate for electrical anomalies.

There are many options available to permit customisation to the application including integrated auxiliary switches, alarms, remote off indicators and illuminated rockers.

The accurate and efficient protection offered by Rowe Hankins products ensures continuous and steady operation of Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) units.

The magnetic time-delay circuit breaker operates on the solenoid principle where a movable core held with a spring, in a tube, and damped with a fluid, may be moved by the magnetic field of a series coil.

As the core moves toward a pole piece, the reluctance of the magnetic circuit containing the armature is reduced. The armature is then attracted, causing the mechanism to trip and open the contacts on an overload or fault condition.

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