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Rowe Hankins 2023 Product Guide

The Rowe Hankins 2023 Product Guide is now available. Click More Information to view

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AC / DC Earth Leakage

An earth leakage unit detects current imbalance in trainborne and wayside cabling. Early detection of cable degradation can prevent further cable damage and the potential hazards associated with this type of fault.

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Circuit Breakers

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers offer precise, specification assured, nuisance free circuit protection.

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Our Intelligent Wheel Flange Lubrication (iWFL) system, is a trainborne intelligent dispensing system, designed to improve rail safety whilst reducing wheel wear - saving time, money and lives.



To assist wayside applications of Network Rail's preventative maintenance program, by monitoring currents in rail signalling problems.



Designed for harsh environments - industrial and traction - the Rowe Hankins Ltd. RCBO uses industry proven Sensata circuit breakers with an integrated current sensor.


Speed Sensors & Tachometer Systems

Multi channel speed and direction sensors for safety critical systems, designed to operate in harsh environments.

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