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LEM transducers provide control and protection signals to power converters and inverters that regulate energy both to the electric motors (for propulsion) and to the auxiliaries (for air-conditioning, heating, lighting, electrical doors, ventilators, etc).

Voltage networks vary from one country to another.


LEM transducers monitor them closely to ensure power electronics work accordingly.

Global systems for propulsion of mining trucks are similar to the ones used for diesel-electric railway locomotives. Current and voltage transducers enable inverter control which is essential for the efficient propulsion of trucks.

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  • Main converter for urban transportation systems (metros - trams – trolleybuses),

  • Inverters, converters, rectifiers

  • Auxiliary power units

  • Circuit breaker, for transformers, DC link

  • Energy metering

  • Rolling stock heavy traction, diesel electric

  • Mining trucks

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