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Specialising in engineering and
design to overhaul and repair

Juridical Data Recorders

Trainborne & Traction Substation Circuit Breakers

Motor & Compressor Contactors

Earth Leakage Protection Relays


Engineering & Consultancy

Rowe Hankins Ltd.’s professional engineers have worked in the rail industry for over 30 years and so have the experience to meet the requirements demanded by our customers and the Safety Authority.

High Current DC Testing

At our facility, we offer a facility to measure up to 2000Amps DC continuously, for a range of applications and products, such as Contactors, Relays, Circuit Breakers, Bonds and Traction Current Carrying Conductors.


Workshop & Overhaul

We strive to ensure rapid turnaround and minimal inconvenience, downtime and potential penalties that form part of a proactive programme of support for the life cycle of electro-mechanical components.

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